Learn to Ride employs fast and effective methods to teach children to ride a bike. We have successfully taught over 600 children how to ride. Our instructors are thoroughly trained with extensive experience in the field. The Learn to Ride team consists of Occupational Therapists, Adapted Physical Education specialists and teachers. Our technique can be modified to fit your child's specific needs. If your child is struggling to learn to ride, we have you covered.

Our Background

Learn to Ride owner, Kristen DeSavino is an Adapted Physical Education specialist with a tremendous passion for teaching children how to stay physically active. Her journey started when she taught her younger brother to ride a bike, and soon realized other neighborhood children needed assistance. Learn to Ride grew organically as more clients reached out to her with the same request.

How We Got Here



Private Bike Lessons 

A trained instructor will come to your home for a private bike riding lesson. They are equipped with all the tools necessary to adjust your child's bike and do a safety check. Children will be given the opportunity to use a reward chart and prize bin for motivation. The hour lesson will cover all the bike riding basics: pedaling, balancing, starting, stopping, and turning. One hour private lesson at your home - $100



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